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The Fool On The Hill

What is most important to you Vs. What is most Important to your Member of Parliament!

Well there is no shortage of challenges and concerns for the average Canadian.

You do not have to look too far or think too hard in order to know what those concerns are:

  1. Potential Nuclear War with Russia;

  2. Potential conflict with China;

  3. Canada getting involved in a foreign war (Did they consult you?);

  4. Failing Economy;

  5. North Korea firing missiles over Japan;

  6. Devastating migration of people all over the World;

  7. Unprecedented breaches of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

  8. Illegal Mandates;

  9. Illegal Narcotic Drugs killing our Citizens at alarming rates;

  10. Shortages of Food;

  11. Shortages of Energy;

  12. Record Inflation and Costs of all things;

  13. Lock Downs, Mandates, Forced Medical Procedures;

  14. Destruction of our School Systems;

  15. Monopolization of Media and State Control of Same;

  16. Erosion of Parental Rights by the State;

  17. Censorship;

  18. Record high Taxes;

  19. People loosing their Livelihood Over Forced Medical Procedures;

  20. Interest rates;

  21. Unprecedented levels of Excess Mortalities;

  22. SADS (Whoever Heard of This One?)

  23. Politicization of ALL of our Institutions;

  24. Destruction of the Family and Community;

  25. Forced Speech Laws;

  26. Police Intimidation;

  27. Human Trafficking;

  28. Poverty;

  29. Erosion of Social Values;

  30. Crime;

  31. Homelessness;

  32. Mental Health;

  33. Increased Violence;

  34. Suicide;

  35. Failing Medical System;

  36. Intrusion of the State Into Medical Decisions and Practise;

  37. Exodus of Experienced People from the Work Force;

  38. Record Debt;

  39. Housing Costs;

  40. Crashing birth rates.


But, I think you get the picture, .....these are the things that keep you up at night, and we all wonder, where will it end.......or we fear where it might end.


So, we can agree that there are hundreds of extremely important issues to be addressed. Many of these are not that complicated, they just take fortitude and some hard work to mobilize the resources that are already available in Canada.

So, what do you think your intrepid Member of Parliament is doing about any of this?

What do you think Mr. Bezan's focus is on????

Well I do not have to guess since my wife just got an email from his office, and the PC party telling me what he is concerned about:

So, just wait a minute, remember this past summer when Mr. Bezan told you that he would not meet with constituents, because it was a security risk.

Well, I see Mr. Bezan is not too scared to meet with PC Party members at Quarry Park in Stonewall on November 19, 2022.......BUT do not think that he is only meeting with those party members, because....wait for it....they are paying $125.00 each for the privilege of meeting with their Member of Parliament that cannot be....😤

No No, I am sure they will be discussing the concerns that each and everyone of you have.

You know, the things that are keeping you and everyone else up at night!

So is Mr. Bezan spending his time meeting with you? Did you get to meet with him this summer during the three month recess......not unless you were a fan of mini donuts and cotton candy.

Do you feel like you are being represented here?

Do you feel that Mr. Bezan is working for you, and your family?

What real effort has be expended on your behalf?

Or has it always just been the reciting of party rhetoric, and slogans.

How has he been a positive force for change in our community? Or in your family?

I note he has spoken up in Parliament lately on a range of topics:

  1. Donbass Referendum

  2. Iran Human Rights

  3. Soft on Crime Rhetoric

  4. Putin

  5. Carbon Tax

Is there any chance of successfully making a difference to Canadians by crowing about these things in Parliament, when he knows nothing will be done about it.

Has it made a difference yet?

Is it just to make political points?

What concrete actions, what grassroots groups is he creating or promoting to make a real difference in Canadians lives.

Standing up in Parliament and Crowing at an entrenched Liberal / NDP coalition is like spitting into the wind, a new and different approach is required. But that might not be as safe, would it.

He even had a post about Vaxx Mandates and ArriveCan, a little late to the party ... NO? Where was he when the protests were on going in Ottawa, where was he when folks were loosing their livelihoods and their savings, and being booted out of public places, churches and even universities.

Where was he when people were being denied medical treatment?

Where was he when our fellow citizens were being attacked with tear gas, riot clubs, and arrests.

Where was he when the Emergencies Act was implemented without a mandate to do so from Law Enforcement?

Has he spoken out on the many constitutional challenges that are being fought by many Canadians?

Now when it is safe to do so Mr. Bezan gives us a canned advert about Remove Vaccine Mandates.

Think carefully about all of this, you do not have to agree with me, and of course Mr. Bezan is not the only one who is not dong his job, it is unfortunately the majority of Members of Parliament who are doing these things.

Not about you, it is about them.

From Paul McCartney & John Lennon:

Day after day Alone on a hill The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still But nobody wants to know him They can see that he's just a fool And he never gives an answer

But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning around

Well on the way Head in a cloud The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud But nobody ever hears him Or the sound he appears to make And he never seems to notice


Coming Soon


Updates from around the World as Countries Begin to Reflect on the Last Two Years of Madness.


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05 oct. 2022

You certainly put many things into perspective. One thing is clearer to me now more than ever. We really need a clean sweep of parliament. Thank you for your efforts.

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