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Well the fun with our favourite Member of Parliament, Mr. James Bezan, just never ends.

Did you know, the riding of Interlake-Selkirk-Eastman in Manitoba is a hotbed of espionage and danger!

As you all know from our post on August 13, 2022, after a long and arduous search, trying to find our very absent Member of Parliament, Mr. James Bezan, we learned from a mailer he sent out to constituents, that after allegedly attending several lobsterfest suppers that Mr. Bezan is now on a three month vacation from Parliament, and in his own words:

With Parliament recessed for the summer, I plan to spend the next several months in our community meeting with constituents, and finding real solutions to the inflation crisis.

Above is a copy of the mailer, note the statement in the bottom of the second column.

Well wouldn't you know it!

We along with a number of other people who are actually constituents in Mr. Bezan's riding tried to get a hold of him and find out how we could take part in these meetings with OUR member of Parliament.

So, a subscriber of ours, and a retired member of the Winnipeg Police Service, phoned the constituency office of Mr. Bezan to enquire how he could attend one of the meetings Mr. Bezan had told everyone about in his mailer. Of course our subscriber only got an answering machine and he left a message.

As it turns out, our hard working Member of Parliament, Mr. James Bezan, actually sent an email to our retired Police Officer concerning the request to be part of these meetings with other constituents.

Here is the actual email:

Did you see it????

Mr. Bezan said:

My meeting schedule is confidential information and I have been advised it is a security risk to publicly post where my meetings are being held and who is attending.

Let me get this straight! Our illustrious member of Parliament, Mr. James Bezan, is spending three months travelling around our riding, but he will try to get around as best he can, and oh by the way, he is not telling us how to meet with him?


Seems to me we saw Mr. Bezan at the Lobsterfest in Lundar, seems to me I personally saw Mr. Bezan at the Pierre Poilievre rally in Winnipeg a few months back. April 2, 2022 to be precise. I did not see all of the armed guards on hand to protect Mr. Bezan from the 3,000 or so attendees.

And Oh my Goodness, I noticed that this April 2022 rally was advertised far and wide and you can still find that advert on the internet today!

Now it is true that the riding of Interlake-Selkirk-Eastman is a geographically large riding indeed.

It is however, quite sparsely populated, but unless Mr. Bezan is actually touring the riding on horse back, and wanting to ride down every dirt road to find prospective voters, than I would think he could simply stop in on the main communities and hold public meetings.

According to CTVNews, the riding includes the the City of Selkirk, the towns of Arborg, Beausejour, Lac du Bonnet, Stonewall, Teulon and Winnipeg Beach, and the villages of Dunnottar and Riverton.

The Brokenhead and Dog Creek First Nation Reserves are in this riding.

Hmmm, not an incredibly large number of towns for three months!!

So we thought, come on, lets be fair to Mr. Bezan......and so we took a look at what some of the other MPs and wanna be MPs are doing about events and their security.

So, I don't know, where should be about......Maxime Bernier, after all he is a somewhat controversial public figure. What is he telling all of those dangerous Canadians about his whereabouts?

Well here is a screen shot of Maxime's website from today August 22, 2022:

Oh my goodness! Maxine is actually appearing this week in that incredibly dangerous City of Selkirk, Manitoba, located in Mr. Bezan's riding.

Did you know that the City of Selkirk is even more dangerous that Kiev, and downtown Bagdad? I guess U2 is not giving concerts in Selkirk, so it is too dangerous for Mr. Bezan.

Now lets take a look at Mr. Bezan's Conservatives Party of Canada webpage and schedule of events:

Yup, take a close look at the dates!

Events are scheduled from 2016 - to 2020.

So take your time machine and go and attend those constituency meetings!

The last scheduled event was a Christmas Turkey Fund Raiser in 2020

Are you starting to feel just a bit like a turkey??

Is this responsible representation, does this schedule reflect the seriousness of the times we are all in?

How about some others? What about I dunno lets say hmmm say Candice Bergen MP Portage-Lisgar.

Here is a screen shot of her latest news from her website:

Seems like Candice is busy in her riding!

Okay, Okay, how about we check Mr. Bezan's personal page at:

Nope! Nothing there! No community events, no Potato Festival turn outs....nothing.

So it appears that Mr. Bezan is not letting his constituents know what he is doing, he is not letting them know how they can meet with him in his meetings with the question must be....Just What is He doing?


Shouldn't you know what your employee is doing for you?

Do you think he should be holding town hall meetings to discuss the issues we are facing in this unprecedented time?

Do you think Mr. Bezan is finding out what the constituents are really thinking about and what is important to you and your family at the Lunar Lobster Fest, or the Arborg Fair or the Rodeo?

Our country is in greater peril that it has been since 1939, and our elected MP's do not want to hear from us in any serious manner.

How about voting here:

What Do You Want Mr. Bezan to Be Doing While on Summer Vacation???

  • 0%Holding Serious Town Hall Meetings With Constituents

  • 0%Doing Photo Ops at the Whiskey Plant in Gimli.

  • 0%Attending Lundar LobsterFest

  • 0%Going to the Fair and Rodeo

More to come!!!!!

Want to know how Mr. Bezan responds to the emails, letters and calls from constituents?

Well, wait until our next episode,

......and you thought he was not listening!

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5 comentários

Frances A. Pulscher
Frances A. Pulscher
12 de dez. de 2022

Sorry, I can't help you. I haven't seen Bezan, sorry I can't say mister, since before the last election when he chatted with me in my front yard for about five minutes. Where oh where is he? Oh, I did see him on TV talking about the war in Ukraine...does that help?


23 de ago. de 2022

You may spot Mr. Bezan at the upcoming Teulon Pumpkinfest. I seen him at the 2019 Teulon Pumpkinfest. I think he was a pumpkin judge. I do remember security was kind of lacking around the pumpkins during the judging but it turned out to be a safe event. We all enjoyed ourselves and I will mark this September 17 on my calendar.

Thanks for all you're doing.



23 de ago. de 2022

I would go a step further and contact the Interim Leader, Candace Bergen, and express your concerns with her. If you are not satisfied with her response, then take alternative steps. Hope this helps.


Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic
23 de ago. de 2022

Please, all of you if you can do better than these politicians that you continuously report on then take their place. If you do not have the courage to take their place then it would be better to cease and desist from this ongoing liar liar pants on fire bit.

23 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

Your post clearly attempts to protect and cover for this MP who clearly has forgotten about the people he represents. One has to wonder what your motives are and how you may be involved in what appears to be a scandal in the making? Were you asked by Mr. Bezan to provide a post on this matter? Why wouldn't Mr. Bezan provide a response in some manner to the concerns of his constituents? These are all very valid questions that I'm sure you are not authorized to respond.

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