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A Letter to MP Dr. Stephen Ellis

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I thought you might be getting tired of reading my rants on this news feed, so today I am doing something completely different, today I am providing to you a letter one of our subscribers forwarded to their MP. The email was originally sent by Sheldon Yakiwchuk to Mp Ellis, and then the letter was forwarded again to MP Ellis by L.

Letter to Dr. Stephen Ellis from L

Do you think that L will get a response? A form Letter? Or Silence?


This is the cover email sent by L with the Original Email from Sheldon Yakiwchuk as an Attachment!

MP Dr. Stephen Ellis

I am a very concerned Ontario citizen.

The following is an email sent to MP Stephen Ellis on January 12, 2023 from Sheldon Yakiwchuk of Alberta, requesting answers to a myriad of questions and concerns with respect to Canada's pandemic response.

I too would like to know the answers to these questions and concerns. As the evidence is piling up in plain sight, it is becoming abundantly clear there never was a global pandemic and in fact we are now seeing more harm, injuries and deaths due to the experimental injection which was rolled out on the unsuspecting population of Canada, without thorough or transparent safety monitoring.

I refer you to the website

Comprehensive reports have been prepared relying on the data and stats obtained from Stats Canada and Health Canada. Please, I urge you to listen to one of Ken Drysdale's presentations as he goes through the reports.

I would truly appreciate a reply from any one of you on what is being done or what can be done to bring accountability and justice to the Canadian citizens for the harms done to our nation in response to the so called pandemic.



This is the original email sent by Sheldon Yakiwchuk to MP Ellis

Click on the following Link to go to Sheldon's Substack:

"Dear Honorable Dr. Stephen Ellis, I had written to your predecessor - former Shadow Minister of Health, Michael Barrett about some concerns I had with the statistical information that’s been provided by Health Canada.

Unfortunately, my email must have gotten lost in the shuffle, I’d written to him in April of last year and still haven’t received a reply.

I’m not going to rehash the same email that I’d written because my concerns are a lot greater, today.

From time to time, I’d check in on the COVID-19 epidemiology update, posted by Health Canada and had started to notice some anomalies in regards to the COVID vaccination that no-one on the Opposition Party was bringing up in the House of Commons.

Where I have some of my largest concerns right now is that Health Canada has seemingly lost around 15,000 mortalities off of their age stratification table.

At current, there are 49,566 COVID associated deaths in Canada, but the table that breaks this down by Age Stratification now only shows 34,236.

These numbers used to align, but now they are short by 15,330. This seems kind of important.

Were the original deaths overcounted and have now been corrected?

If so, why do the Latest Numbers, updated on the same date - January 9th, 2023, not reflect this change?

And also, since September 25th, 2022 - the Outcomes from Vaccinated haven’t been updated.

And at this point, you can see, the Deaths in the Boosted Population had surpassed those who’d only received 2 Vaccinations - listed as “Primary Series Completed”, and that the unvaccinated were now lower than 50% of Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths. This information is 3 months old and follows the introduction of the Bivalent Vaccines into Canada and is troubling enough as it looked, 3 months ago. The information that follows, even more so.

From the Epidemiology report provided data, when I had a look at the comparison of COVID Deaths starting in Mid-October, following the new Bivalents and compare them to last year at this exact time, there was a 71% increase in mortality in 2022 from 2021.

This is what the information shows, arrows being the sum total of deaths.

In 2021, there were 2,157 deaths from Mid-October through the end of the year. in 2022, that number exploded to 3,683 or by an increase of 71%.

In 2021, from my best recollection, we were still predominantly dealing with Delta and it was only in late December that the first case of Omicron was detected in Canada. All of these mortalities from 2021 would be listed as Delta, where as the 2022 would be listed as Omicron - BA.5.

From my understanding, Omicron is less virulent than Delta.

Here’s my concern.

If Omicron is weaker than Delta and we now have introduced untested Bivalent Vaccines to the combat the newer strains of Omicron, why is there a 71% increase in mortality in 2022?

Canada as a whole did pretty terrible with COVID in 2022 where, with multiples of booster shots, bivalent boosters, and the introduction of Paxlovid, the rate of COVID death during Omicron had increased by 39% for the year overall, but seeing that 71% following Bivalent Boosters is really concerning.

I know you too must see some very concerning things in your home province of Nova Scotia over the last 3 years and especially having worked in the COVID wards. Surely just the explosion in COVID mortality in your province should have you questioning the efficacy of the vaccines.

84% of the total COVID Mortality in Nova Scotia was in 2022:

This is an incredible tale of failure for protective measure isn’t it?

As more pharmaceuticals were added and improved upon and as the variant of COVID got weaker, there are more than 5x as many deaths in 2022 than are in both 2020 and 2021 combined, prior to these changes.

Nobody is blaming you and in fact, the sum total of all COVID Deaths in all of the Maritime Provinces shows this to be the exact same.

Did you know that PEI never even had a single COVID death until 2022?

After 2 years of surviving the most lethal variants - Alpha and Delta, it was only after mass-vaccinations, Paxlovid and bivalent boosters were introduced did that number grow, during the least lethal variants and strains of COVID. It was at 80 for 2022, incidentally.

Strange, isn’t it?

Now you had previously questioned the Safety of the Vaccines and suggested that a fella named Steven McDougal had died following his vaccinations and that we needed to start looking at the data.

Did you ever get anything back on that?

I am asking for a couple of different reasons, the first being, that Health Canada has never confirmed your report.

In fact, they’ve never been able to confirm any of the 397 deaths following vaccines.

Troubling is that in a quarter of these, there was missing information. We’d even seen Dr. Bonnie Henry’s released emails that show that they’d seen their first death following an allergic reaction to the vaccines, that one didn’t even make the list. Seems to me, this should be treated a lot more seriously.

The rest of the Adverse Events Following Immunization is also concerning. There were over 53k reports, 10,519 which are listed as ‘Serious’. Of these, is anybody following up to see if there were additional deaths?

Why has the VISP Program only paid out 50 cases of the 10+K?

Why hasn’t this information been updated with the last 2 Million Vaccinations?

How many more Serious Adverse Events are on that list?

Of the 50 that have been paid out, there was an average payment of $55,000. The $2,779,277 that has already been paid out is a large number. 10,000 more payouts of $55,000 is a very large number.

And this doesn’t address my second concern with these Adverse Events.

As I am sure you are aware, Health Canada has a set of Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP) Guidelines (GUI-0102). In these guidelines, it specifically says:

Seems to me that every ICU admission and every death following the COVID Vaccines would qualify as an adverse reaction, because the vaccine failed in efficacy due to newly resistant strains that created a life-threatening infection making all ICU admissions and deaths from COVID an Adverse Drug Reaction, following any of the 1-5 doses that people have received, in Canada.

Given that the majority of deaths were not the Alpha Variant, all COVID deaths following vaccinations are in fact seriously adverse.

So, my questions to you are:

  1. Will Health Canada be readjusting the COVID Deaths to meet up with Provincial Reports?

  2. Will the ‘Outcomes of confirm COVID-19 cases by vaccination status table’ be updated?

  3. Will you be addressing the fact that 84% of the COVID Mortality in Nova Scotia and all of the Maritime provinces occured in 2022?

  4. Are you concerned with a 39% increase in COVID deaths in Canada in 2022 over 2021?

  5. Are you concerned with the fact that Year over Year Statistics show a 71% increase in COVID deaths following Bivalent Boosters?

  6. Has Paxlovid done anything? At all?

  7. Are you going to follow up on the Adverse Events to see if any of these people had died from their adverse events?

  8. Are you going to try and see why only 50 out of 10k Adverse Events have been paid out?

  9. Are you going to see why Health Canada stopped following their Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP) Guidelines (GUI-0102) (Date Issued: February 11th, 2013)

  10. Will the rest of those who were admitted to the ICU and died from COVID following the vaccinations be added to the Adverse Events reports?

  11. Will you or any other member of the Official Opposition party of Canada be raising these concerns with your counterparts?

Sincerely, A Very Concerned Citizen"

Sheldon Yakiwchuk


So, what do you think MP Dr. Ellis's Response to both L and AY might be??????

Let me know in the poll below

So How Do You Think MP Ellis Will Respond to L and SY??

  • No Response for MP Ellis

  • A Crappy Form Letter

  • A Real Response from the MP

  • L Gets Arrested for Asking


As Usual You can comment on this Blog Post directly or you can let me know what you think by sending me an email:

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Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 15, 2023

Excellent letter. As a Nova Scotian I have written to or on posts to Tim Houston the Premier. He is one of the only Premiers in Canada that refuses to let un vaxxed healthcare workers back on the job and as a result (amongst others issues as well) we have lost nurses to other Provinces, plus even more alarming, had deaths occurring right in our Emergency Depts. Houston has not addressed this publicly and his vindictiveness has caused so much harm. He answers to no one, except it appears Trudeau….and he ran as a conservative….something is off there.

Dr. Ellis on the other hand has answered every inquiry I have ever sent him, sometimes the same day. He seems genuinely…


Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 15, 2023

yes that’s a waste of time and paper for sure



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 15, 2023

My wife sent a similar letter which was not responded to. Good to know we don't mean shit to our "leaders".



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 15, 2023

Thank you for sharing!!!



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 15, 2023

The government is still committing genocide so this will not be addressed. They will just hide as usual


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