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Agenda for September 3 2022 Gathering

I know you have been waiting to hear who will be speaking at the gathering this Saturday at 1:00 pm RCMP D Division, 1091 Portage Avenue



That has been our theme for this event, there will be no long winded political speakers!

Whew, Now that that is out of the way......

Here is your detailed agenda:

12:30 pm: Arrivals, Meet & Greet, PIckup Your T-shirts and Reports (Lime Green Jeep)

1:00 pm: Group Assembled in Front of RCMP HQ

1:10 pm: Opening Prayer Led By Sarah Klassen 🙏

1:15 pm: Oh Canada Led by Rosalie Drysdale, Citizens for Truth

1:20 pm: Keynote Speaker Ken Drysdale, Citizens for Truth (Report Author)

1:40 pm: Presentation by RCMP Spokesperson* 👮

1:50 pm: Presentation by Retired Winnipeg Police Officer Chris Ridell, Police4Freedom

2:00 pm: Presentation by Tamara Woods, Stand United

2:10 pm: Presentation by Retired Winnipeg Police Officer Jason Garrett, Police4Freedom

2:20 pm: Presentation by Shadoe Davis, Broadcaster

2:40 pm: Delievery of Reports to RCMP HQ

3:00 pm: Closing Prayer, Cleanup and Disperse By Rosalie Drysdale🙏

3:30 pm: Debrief, Mixer and Supper at Camp Hope (25055 Settlers Road)

* RCMP have not yet confirmed their participation, invitation sent August 29, 2022



I do not have many T-Shirts Left (Mens Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL) $ 15.00 ea.

I have printed and bound 100 copies of the full report, in colour $12.00 ea.

Look for our Lime Green Jeep at the event to pick yours up. First Come!

Bring your own white T or your own copy of the report!


BTW, did you know you can download the Poster Right from Our Website, so You can Print your own copies?

Click on the Poster Below to Download a PDF Suitable for Printing!


Now I know you are all wondering....... I have not forgotten about MP James Bezan, and there will be some interesting revelations on the way....Stay Tuned, Just too busy with Sept 3 right now!

Much More to Come!

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1 Comment
Mar 27, 2023

Very good to know there are still some good cops . GOD SPEED TO FREEDOM .

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