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Are You Coming - September 3, 2022, RCMP D Division

Everyday, I get emails from all across our country, saying that I am not doing enough!

Why is it not fixed already. If only "they" were in charge it would already be done! But they are always too busy to do anything except complain!

You know what.......None of these folks are intending to do anything except take away oxygen from those of us who are actually moving forward with a plan.

Some are bots who have been put in place by the Government or Anarchy Groups, but many are imagined superheroes, who spend their days on the internet, criticizing others while doing nothing! Some work on outrageous and insane plans that never pan out and simply confuse people about what is and is not real.

What About You?

What are YOU doing?

No I do not mean making comments on the internet. I mean are you lending a strong arm to the fight for our freedoms? Or are you spending your evenings watching TV, the same old thing, criticizing on the internet, and off to the lake and beach on the weekend, confident that like always someone else will do the work you should be doing!

Are you the most vocal critic of those that are actually doing something or trying to do something, for real.


For months now, I have been telling you about the planned Gathering at

RCMP D Division Headquarters in Winnipeg

Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 1:00 pm

1091 Portage Avenue, in Winnipeg

For weeks I have been putting out information. You have been given more information about this gathering than any other event before it. We have been asking very little of each of you.

I have appeared on many many local news broadcasts and podcasts to speak about the event! You can find these all over the internet. More are coming this week!

What have I asked of you?

  • Show Up at the 2 hour event, 1091 Portage Avenue

  • Wear a white T-Shirt, if you can, write the words TRUTH on it

  • Bring a printed copy of the Investigative report with you

  • Be ready to take photos, do videos, and live stream the event.

To further assist you, I printed 100 T-shirts, and am trying to get a bulk deal on printing reports for you. I have some T shirts left and will let you know about the printing as soon as I get confirmation from the printers.

Are you attending? Have you asked anyone, neighbour, friend, associates to attend with you?

Is this too much to ask, in exchange for making a difference, for protecting our freedoms, our childrens freedoms?

Below is a link to the event information page:


This is one of the most important events you can attend this year.

It will launch a campaign that will be repeated over and over right across the country, and perhaps beyond to the World. The rest of Canada is watching us!

Many Freedom Groups are watching us and depending on us to lead the way!

The event has been meticulously planned, and strategized, there is a long range plan which I have openly shared with everyone time and time again, most recently at a speech on Friday August 29, 2022 at Camp Hope. I believe video of that speech is available on the internet!


Are you going to come stand with Us

Let me ask, ......... Are you too busy going to the lake for the weekend, or going shopping, since it is the last long weekend before the fall?


The Bravest Woman I know

You know, when I was at Camp Hope giving my talk about September 3, 2022, a lady approached my wife and wanted to talk about how afraid she was to come out to Camp Hope that night.

She was on her own, and despite her fears, she attended at Camp Hope anyway. She was so concerned about what was going on in Canada, that she had forced herself to overcome her fears and come out to see what it was all about.

She had never attended such an event before, and had no idea what to expect.

After my speech she explained that she was too afraid to come out on September 3. She so wanted to come out though. She was afraid and ashamed of being afraid. My wife told her that the woman was the bravest person at Camp Hope that day.


Because despite her real and overwhelming fears she came out herself.


She is going to attend with us on Saturday September 3, 2022 at 1:00 pm?

She will stand with us, despite her fears, despite the fact she is coming on her own. Rosalie and I embrace her courage and patriotism, and she will be standing with us arm in arm on Saturday.

I am proud to have met her, and look forward to getting to know her better in the days to come.

Come out and shake the hand of a true patriot.

Godspeed You are What Canadians are all about




After it is done, there is no opportunity for a do over. No Mulligan here!

You cannot later on say how you helped save us all from the dictates of the madmen in Ottawa. I may not know the truth,......but you will! Forever, you will know ....... for what? A day in the sun.☹️


Let me remind you what this is all about:



And This:




It is time to act!

Join Us, stop the madness!


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Aug 29, 2022

From one of our subscribers:

I love this!!!! I will send this to all the like minded but NEVER show up at anything. We can NEVER ever thank you and your team for all the hard work you guys did to prepare this wonderful document. We can NEVER thank you all for dedication so much time to fight for our rights and freedoms and to bring justice to the criminals who have caused harm to all man, woman and child. We can NEVER thank you all enough for all your devotion to standing up for all of us, our families and firends and the shitheads ones who didn't believe us when we told them the truths we knew bac…


Aug 29, 2022

I would really like to go and support this very important cause. I live in Hamilton, Ontario. If someone is going from my area, I would help with gas costs. If you know someone, I would really appreciate if you could relay this message. I can be reached at

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