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Did you know, According to a Senior Police Source, that in the City of Winnipeg, if you are not a resident of Winnipeg, and you witness a crime IN Winnipeg, you cannot report said crime to the Winnipeg Police Service! The Winnipeg Police will not investigate!


Yup, that is correct, when we tried to submit our Investigative report to City of Winnipeg Police, we were first told it was an excellent report, when we asked to take out the complaint, we were told that since the criminal complaint was being made by a person who was not a resident of the City of Winnipeg, that a complaint could not be made to the City of Winnipeg Police service, despite the fact that alleged crimes were committed in Winnipeg, against citizens of Winnipeg, by persons who lived in Winnipeg!


We do not know why this might be the case!🫣


So, How About This? Is there anyone out there, who is a RESIDENT OF WINNIPEG, who would be prepared to sign this complaint to the City of Winnipeg Police Service?

We would sure like to have a minimum of 10 people come forward to sign the complaint.

If this is something you would be prepared to do, please press the button below and let us know! We will answer any questions that you might have so that you can make an informed decision......unlike of Government, we will give you straight answers to any questions you might have.

Come on Patriots, I know you are out there, and this is your chance to do something real to save our country.


Politics has no place in Law Enforcement!

Society grants the Police Extreme Powers, and with those Powers comes huge responsibility. I wonder if the Rank and File have read the complaint and what they think about the little game of Dodge Ball that their superiors are playing.

If you are a Police Officer, (retired or active) and you want to help, let us know!


Just in Case They Need to be Reminded

The Police Are Required to:


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1 Comment

Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic
Jun 30, 2022

What about INTERPOL I thought that all police are required by law to work together not only on a National level but on a International level. In order for the police to function on a national and international level they have to interact with citizens making or filing charges from all over the place. Can your local police send your report to them? Is it that simple and they won't tell you?

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