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Exchange Between Leslyn Lewis And Our Subscriber

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Given the less than stellar responses that constituents have been getting from MP James Bezan...alias Lobster Man, one of our constituents wrote a letter to their MP Leslyn Lewis, and here is that exchange for you to read for yourself. Keep in mind Leslyn a short time ago was asking you to make her the leader of the PC Party and the next PM.

Here is Our Subscriber's Letter to Leslyn:


Duly Elected MP

and MPP Brady

I am re-requesting (May 2022) a criminal investigation be taken to examine allegations of criminal actions by those in Canadian healthcare, police, politics and affiliated organisations.

The allegations are presented in the attached 89-page document: "Investigation into Criminal Allegations Concerning Covid 19 Pandemic Response."

Again, I am imploring you to take immediate action to protect Canadians from further harm and ensure those who have perpetrated this evil be brought to justice.




Here is The Response Our Subscriber Got from Lesly Lewis:


Dear Y, Thank you for taking the time to recently write to me. The Liberal government’s COVID-19 pandemic response in which we saw national mandates and restrictions on freedoms was extremely frustrating and damaging to millions of Canadians who were denied basic mobility rights or denied employment because of their vaccination status. Many of the mandates were introduced just days before the last federal election was called, and Canadians were often denied data and current information upon which the policies were based. For more than 2 years, the Trudeau government kept Canadians in the dark by failing to provide clear answers and evidence to sufficiently justify their decisions. They refused to release the data and advice that informed their policies and restrictions. The only clear reason they chose to keep their complicated mandates was to use them to divide Canadians for political gain and to punish Canadians who disagreed with the government’s heavy-handed policies. While there are several legal challenges before the courts against the Liberals’ pandemic policies that have been launched by civil liberties groups and individual Canadians, I have personally called for the government to initiate a public inquiry into our COVID-19 pandemic response so that there is transparency and accountability for how decisions were made by the Liberal government and so that there is a thorough review of what we did right and what we did wrong. This is critical if we want to plan for any future pandemics in an evidence-based and strategic way. Since the beginning of the pandemic, even before I was an elected Member of Parliament, I publicly raised concerns about the government response to COVID-19 dozens of times. As a Conservative and as a Member of the Official Opposition, I will continue to vocally oppose government policies that drift from the government’s mandate to work on behalf of all Canadians and will keep this government accountable for their failures and overreach. Thank you again for writing to me. Sincerely, Leslyn Lewis, M.P., Haldimand-Norfolk


Here is the Follow Up Letter from our Subscriber

Duly Elected MP Leslyn Lewis Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your call for a public inquiry seeking transparency and accountability for the detrimental decisions that have transpired in the last two years and for pursuing evidence-based plans for the future. I am confident the report I sent you is essential to your quest. I am grateful for your past, and present vigilance in speaking out about governments policies and responses that have divided and harmed Canadians and for keeping the government accountable. Sincerely thankful for your service, L



So while my MP Mr. Bezan is busy going to Lobster Fest, and Carnivals, Rodeos and the like, Ms. Lewis is actually taking time to respond, in the first person, to one of her constituents. Mind you it took two letters from the constituent, before they got a response.

Now while Ms. Lewis has NOT actually stated that she will read the report, that was sent to her, she at least seems aware of the concerns of her constituent, and she has taken the time to Kudos for her, I guess.

Now What about the infamous LOBSTER MAN, Mr. James Bezan?

Well so far, his staff have told us how busy and important he is, and how he is working so hard for us, but because so many of those darn pesky constituents have been writing him he just does not have the time to respond to us. So, in my own head, I keep hearing the words "Scram Kid You Bother Me"!

Take My Vote And Run!

I feel so honoured to have such an important man as my MP.😉

Oh but wait, I guess I could see him and talk to the great man if only I paid a couple hundreds bucks for the privilege.

See Our Previous Post on this below:



Let's all find out together what your MP is made of???

How about each one of our readers, prepare a letter to their MP and send it off.

You can use L's letter above as a template if you wish, or write your own.

Send it to them, by email, and then let us know what they tell you back!

Let us know if they do not respond.

Please email me your results below, push the button below to email me!

I will publish them.......let's See if Lobsterman is the norm or if Leslyn Lewis is.

Let's see if your MP gives a darn about you, when it is not election time!

Let's see how many MP's even bother to respond.

What do you say?

BTW you can get your MP's email address here:



Join with us, be part of this movement, so many people implore me to answer the question "What Can I Do" is your chance, it is not a big ask, it will only take a few minutes. Jump in with us, help wake up Canadians, help save Canada.

It is not a huge ask, and although you might not think it will make a difference, trust me to use your experiences to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Here is a little inspiration, it might be corny, but play this video when you are writing your letter!!!

Godspeed Patriots

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Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022

Thank you for putting this out there. I am a bit behind but have read part of the 89 page report, have passed it on to others.

The work you are doing on all our behalf is incredible. Many of us know this but cannot put it out as you have done.,

Thankyou and keep up the great work…the word is slowly getting out there because of people like you.

So many sheep without a thinking part of their brain.

I will continue to follow you and pass on your great work.



Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022

It is more appropriate to send your requests to the “government in power” and/or your local NDP MP, keeping them in power. As you may, may not be aware, any proposal by conservatives is knocked down, ignored, voted against by the current dictatorship.

I find it odd that the focus of criticism is being addressed to the wrong person(s). While it is their mandate to respond, change is in the hands of Canadians. Both of these MPs I note work tirelessly for you, whether or not they respond immediately.

Take a second look.


Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022
Replying to

S, you misunderstand, there was no criticism aimed at Ms. Lewis.

James Bezan is another matter.

The reason these folks have been gone after, is simply they are OUR representatives, no point in me going after someone who is not the MP in my riding. Anyone can send one of these letters and it is not my intention to limit them.

You may or may not know, not that it matters, I am in fact a member of the PC Party.

They need to state publicly and to their constituents what their position on all of this is, the people have a right to know.

I realize that the PC's are not in power, but please if your MP is…


Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022

All my letters (sent by Reg Snail Mail) have been received; Sofar NO response by any Party Refusal demanding Criminal Investigation by ALL Official Political Parties; Why?? Also, Silence on everyones part of 11 political Officials (PC & LIB) funded by Chinese??! during last Election?WHO ARE THEY??? Thank you a Million for your continued Efforts

Sent by I


Dec 05, 2022

How to properly send an MP in NB a report prepared for entities in MB? Please tell me. I feel it is too specific to the province and won't be taken as seriously as it should. Besides that, an email with an 18.9 Mb attachment might just end up in the junk bin. Seeking a political solution to a spiritual problem is a crap shoot at best or Russian roulette at the worst. How much printing and paper and sweat equity was burned up at the Winnipeg dump? This is a very convincing report but it is useless without the eyes of the ethical, moral authorities with an inkling of critical thinking and true justice in their hearts.

God is…

Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022
Replying to

All of the statistics in the report are for ALL OF CANADA. The only parts that are Manitoba Specific is the ICU, and laws information. You could always send it with an explanation. You could also do an alternate if you wish. I am only one person, I can only do so much, so why not pitch in😀


Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022

Dear Jamie Schmale, MP

As your staff know I have written many emails asking for action that would help Canadians protect themselves from Covid and the injections. Your staff told me that the PC caucus and you personally had listened to Dr. Kory from the FLCCC with their early treatment protocol and you and the party completely ignored it. You could have shared the information on your website and your constituents as if might have been helpful in saving lives. Many doctors have not lost a patient if early treatment is initiated.

I asked you to support Derek Sloan in his campaign to get vitamin d into every Canadian and you did not support him even after the Minister of…

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