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WOW Progress with MP Bezan!🥳

We just found out how we can get to see OUR Member of Parliament Mr. James Bezan.

You might remember how worried we were, when Mr. B disappeared, it took years for us to find him, and then we tried and tried to go and see him. After all he is OUR MP.

STUPID US, You know like fools for the past year or so, a great many of us have been trying to get an Audience with his Majesty Mr. Bezan. AND now right in our email inbox we found out how!

It is so easy......BOY DO WE FEEL STUPID!

As many of your know, we concerned citizens and constituents of Interlake - Selkirk -Eastman federal riding have been trying everything we can to be heard by OUR Representative in Ottawa.

When we found out he was on leave from Ottawa for 3 months we tried to get him to meet with constituents, but he told us that WAS TOOOOOO DANGEROUS. Too much of a safety risk.

We tried to write him, as did many of you, but got canned BS robot responses instead.

We tried to set up meetings with citizens, but got the run around.

And yet, in a mailer to all constituents, he told us that he was going to spend the summer break meeting with and discussing the issues with his constituents....except the real ones, you know the ones that cannot afford Lobster dinners or have the time to go to the rodeo or circus or the the distillery in Gimli.

You know the ones that work for a living and worry about gas, interest rates and the cost of macaroni!

BUT...we now know how we can get a meeting with our illustrious representative.

It was in our inbox the other day. HERE it is:

Do you see it?

Come on, I can see it.

You see for only $125 each, you can actually pay to see your Member of Parliament guessed it, another dinner!

So let me get this straight.

My taxes go to pay this guy over 1/4 million a year, .......and he will not speak with us.....but if I only pay a little bit more, in this case $125 each, he will meet with me over dinner.

Sound like a bad K-Tel commercial....BUT Wait thee is more ........

Hey, MR. Bezan.....does my $125 Din Din include Lobster?

Or is that just what you get to eat.

Do you think I can get a rebate back on the + 1/4 million I am already paying you to represent me??

You know, the problem with these high and mighty neocons, is that they come from the country, and many come from the same roots we did, but once they get to eating at the public trough, and riding around in limos, eating Lobster at your expense, all the while as you are eating cold macaroni, and paying for their fun and games, you and I, you know the real Canadians, get shuffled to the side.

Shut up and keep paying your taxes!

Don't split the vote!

.......Pass the hot butter sauce...hey Mr. B?

You may be a card carrying Conservative, but just ask yourself:

Since Mr. B got in and over the past dozen years or so, that he was your representative.....has your life got better?

Do you feel like he is working for YOU! Or is he working for HIMSELF and the Party

Does he put forward legislation for YOU, or is it to support the next popular thing, or something 5,000 miles away?

How did he protect you through the last two years??

Has he spoken out now?? It must be safe by now?

Did he meet with you to hear your concerns?

Or did it have to be a photo op along with some cotton candy and a baby or two

His life has certainly gotten better.......

Once again, I may be a simple country boy, but I do not know why I have to pay EXTRA money, just so I can see my parliamentary representative.

Why is this not illegal?

I understand fund raising, BUT....when we have been trying to get an audience, and cannot, then receive an email demanding more money with the promise that by paying that money you can get into the presence of your MP, Mr. B.....

You know decades ago, I was working in Egypt and this was done all the time they called it Baksheesh......... There is a different word for it, but you get my meaning.

So if you want to be heard, just pay the man with the monkey...sorry no food for baby this month, you paid it for the Lobster with your Member of Parliament.

This is just my opinion though, so you have to take this with caution...I am sure there is another know a legal one for your MP only seeing the constituents if they pay $125 each for a $5 rubber chicken dinner.....sure......

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Frances A. Pulscher
Frances A. Pulscher
Dec 12, 2022

Is the number at the bottom of the page changing...haven't noticed a change.

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