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Sept 3 2022 - Copies of Investigative Report Available

Listen as usual, I am trying to make it easy for you! People were telling me that Staples was charging between $45 and $65 to print copies of the Investigative Report.

WOW, I figured I could do better than that SOOOOO.........

I got a smoking great deal from a printing company in Winnipeg, and so I printed 100 copies of the Investigative Report.

I will bring the fully bound colour 89 page report copies to the Saturday Gathering at 1091 Portage.

You can get your copy from me for $12

For full transparency, here is a copy of the invoice from the printing company. They wanted me to keep their identity confidential, however, I wanted you to know what the actual costs were:

So, if you want to pick up a copy of the Investigative Report to present to the RCMP, you can always bring your own, or you can pick one up from us for $12.00

We will be there around 12:30 pm, look for the Lime Green Jeep.

BTW if you have appropriate signs, please bring them!!!

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1 Comment

Aug 30, 2022

So to be respectful, suggestion as to what an appropriate sign would say.


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