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Updated: May 31, 2022

Have You Seen This Man?

Well none of his constituents have seen him!

Let me get this straight!!

For the past 6 months or so I have been talking to hundreds of citizens who live in the Interlake - Selkirk - Eastman region of Manitoba, Canada.

I have consistently heard that many of these folks have been trying to make contact with their Member of Parliment - Mr. James Bezan.

Although when emailing his office, you do get the usual robot response, not one of the constituents who I have spoken to, have actually gotten any kind of response from Mr. Bezan.

When the Charter Freedoms of ordinary Canadians are being crushed.....where is Mr. Bezan. Is he hiding with the PM? Maybe he has gone to the Ukraine?

Isn't Mr. Bezan's salary paid for by us the citizens? Isn't Mr. Bezan supposed to be representing Us...the Citizens.

Then Why is he hiding from us?

Have any of you been able to speak with our elected representative??

Why the heck not?

Is this how the system is supposed to work?

Get elected, then leave the people for the bubble of Ottawa and not respond to any of us.

Do not speak with any of us.

Did you know that according to Elections Canada, in the last election, the citizens in his riding voted for him 23,308 times, out of a total of 49,970 total votes in his riding.

What has he done for us?

When the Truckers were being beaten by the Police in Ottawa, he sent out a flyer to all constituents about inflation.

What did he say about the mandates and the still in place restrictions?

What did he say about the seized bank accounts?

Has he made a statement?

Has he come to ask his voters what they want?

You know the answer.

Do you know how many people were eligible to vote in his riding?


Let me repeat he got only 23,308 votes

I think it is time for a change!!!

Let's get Mr. Bezan's attention.

I propose that we set up a group of eligible voters in this district and demand that he meet with us in person at least 4 times a year so we can find out first had what the heck he is personally doing, and so we can tell him first hand what we want.

Who is with me?

If we get even a few thousand folks signed up, I believe we can be effective.

Also, I am sure this is a complaint across the board so lets organzie this.

Let me know what you think.

A new election is on the way, lets not wait until it is already over before we start to demand our rightful voice.

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1 komentarz

01 cze 2022

I think it’s time to call Mr Bezan and have a face to face meeting and find out his stance on a lot of questions he has not answered!

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