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The Revenge of Lobsterman

Well, with all of the activity that has been going on over the month of September, you may have thought that I had forgotten about my favourite MP, Mr. James Bezan....No No No...I have not forgotten....and neither have any of you.

Just as a reminder, in our last post, Mr. Bezan had sent out a mailer to all of the constituents in the federal riding of Selkirk - Interlake - Eastman. He had told in his mailer how he was going to be spending time amongst the voters to find our their opinions on major issues.

What he actually said was:

With Parliament recessed for the summer, I plan to spend the next several months in our community meeting with constituents, and finding real solutions to the inflation crisis.

You will also recall how one of Mr. Bezan's constituents contacted his office to find out when and where Mr. B would be meeting with the constituents only to be told that it would be too dangerous to let anyone know where Mr. B might Mr. B was not telling when, or if, or how he would be "meeting with constituents".

Well not to be deterred, another one of our subscribers wrote Mr. B and asked, why Mr. B was not answering our emails, and letters etc., the answer the subscriber got was hilarious, and I though I should share it with you.


Here is Mr. Bezan's reply:


From: Bezan, James - M.P. Sent: August 12, 2022 4:44 PM To: Subject: RE: New post in TheTrueFactsC19

Dear L

Thank you for your email and for bringing Mr. Drysdale’s blog to my attention. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information circulating on the internet that is not factual. I assure you it is an honour and privilege for me to represent the constituents of Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman for the past 18 years, my priority has always been to stand up for the needs of all my constituents.

I believe it is important to note that my office have two emails on file from Mr. Drysdale, one on January 28, 2022, and another form letter on February 13, 2022, both on same issue that was addressed on February 15, 2022. We also have four emails on file from his spouse from May 2021 to February 13, 2022. She has also received responses.

Fortunately, after many months of Conservatives putting pressure on the NDP-Liberal government, they announced changes to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. We are glad to see unvaccinated Canadians allowed to travel within Canada and return to work as federal employees. However, this is an example of the Liberals repeated “better late than never” approach to governing.

Conservatives have offered many reasonable and science-based solutions to allow Canada to get back to pre-pandemic efficiency. This includes four Conservative motions calling on the Liberal government to lift all federal mandates and restrictions, as well as enable Canadians to travel without unnecessary backlogs and delays. I was pleased to continuously support these motions along with my Conservative colleagues. Unfortunately, the Liberal, NDP and Green coalition voted together to defeat these motions. This is a shame.

After over two years of changing restrictions, increased animosity, and division, it is time for Canadians to come back together and move on with their lives. That means, the Prime Minister must step up and work on ensuring Canadians can get back their jobs, travel freely, and contribute to the recovery of Canada’s businesses, industries, and tourism.

Thank you again for writing. If you have any further concerns, I will be happy to address them.


James Bezan, MP


Shadow Minister for Ethics

228 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk R1A 0Y5


BTW, here is the email Rosalie sent to Mr. Bezan and the response that Rosalie got from Mr. Bezan:


From: Rosalie Drysdale <> Sent: May 19, 2021 4:55 PM To: Bezan, James - M.P. <> Subject: Fwd: Covid Report May 18 2021(included) Hello James Bezan, We live in your constituency and compiled some information that we very much believe you should be aware of. We have attached a report on the Covid numbers, mask statistics, vacinne statistcis, lockdown issues and more that we would like very much for you to look at. The report was researched and compiled by a retired Professional Engineer, Kenneth Drysdale, who during his 40 year career, conducted investigations and submitted proposals and findings for legal use and also for other professional purposes. Having watched the daily news programs, as most of us do, he began to question the validity of some of the information he was seeing. He undertook a review of the actual data as presented by statistics Canada, Health Canada and a number of the other health agencies. What he has found, may shock you. Also, we hope these numbers would be beneficial to you. This report deserves a thorough read and every Canadian should be made aware of these actual statistics. We are hoping that getting this report into your hands will be helpful in ensuring that the truth is examined and revealed. We believe that every citizen should he given the respect due to them to KNOW the actual numbers and the truth of this research so that they can make up their own minds! Please find this report attached to this email. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. We believe that a thorough consideration raised by this report would be of greatest benefit to the people of Canada (your contituants). There appears to be a of signfiicant misleading information being provided to the public by both main stream media outlets departments of the Canadian Government. We trust that due consideration and investigation of these matters will be forthcoming. We look to you, as a representative of the people, to do what is right. We have done our best to furnish you with research and documented material to aid you in your mandate. If you have any questions subsequent to reading this report please do not hesitate to contact us Sincerely, Rosalie Drysdale 204-999-7673


Here is Mr. B's response to Rosalie:


On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 1:30 PM Bezan, James - M.P. <> wrote:

Dear Ms. Drysdale, Thank you for the information, I appreciate that you shared it with me and found it very thorough. Best regards, James Bezan, MP Selkirk–Interlake–Eastman Shadow Minister for National Defence 228 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk R1A 0Y5 | | 204-785-6151 Ps. Watch for my next e-newsletter on the first of the month and follow me on social media for daily updates about my work for you in the House of Commons!


Here is Rosalie's Response to Mr. Bezan's very detailed and serious response!


Subject: Covid Report May 18 2021

Rosalie Drysdale <>May 30, 2021, 4:04 AM to James, bcc: kenrdrysdale Dear Mr. Bezan, Thank you for your response. You are correct. This report is very thorough. This report was meant to give you information with which to engage others with solid, qualified, reliable, and well researched statistical findings. The government has clearly not been disclosing figures in a clear and responsible way. They NEED to be held to account. These statistics are of VITAL importance because it is upon them that we rely to make informed decisions that effect the everyday lives and survival of our citizens, their businesses, their jobs, and their futures. We have raised serious questions in our report as to the lack of responsibility demonstrated by our government in looking at the raw data and drawing the proper and obvious conclusions. The rate of the COVID threat was never the killer that was being propagated and should NEVER have shut down this province, not earlier and now, not ever. WE ARE THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED AT THE POOR LEADERSHIP OF THIS GOVERNMENT. It has not listened fairly to our citizens. It has coward away into its little corner and not even researched and analyzed the true numbers/statistics. It takes a retired businessman to diligently find the statistics (which was not easy because the government of Canada is not forthright in providing them) to put days of research and analysis into this effort and be the one to actually contribute to exposing the truth. And still, nothing is done. This report should be forwarded to premiere, the prime minister and everybody in between! Every doctor, teacher and lawyer should see this report. Every student, housewife, business owner...everyone should see it, read it and be given the respect to draw their own conclusions. Mr. Bezan, this report was sent to you because you are an elected official, voted in by people like me, and we have put the information into your hands to step up and represent us, the people. I hope you can appreciate the severity and sincerity with which this letter is written. Sincerely ROSALIE Drysdale


So this is how he dealt with the matter!

How do you feel about his response?


BTW here is the letter I sent to Mr. Bezan on January 28, 2022:


January 28, 2022

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario


K1A 0A6

Attention: Honourable Mr. James Bezan -

Member of Parliament - Selkirk - Interlake - Eastman

Dear Sir;

Re: Devolution of the Fundamental Principals of Canada

Immediate Action Required

I have taken my time to prepare this letter to express my most grave concerns for the people of our great Country and the future of our Nation.

For over 155 years, our country has stood out amongst the community of nations as a beacon of hope, security, democracy, and the rule of law.

These were the foundations of everything we stood for as a nation.

I have witnessed, over the past few decades, the slow but steady decay of these principals, and, in fact, over the past two years, I have borne witness to the complete annihilation of every tenet of our way of life.

For 93 years, Canadians relied on the tenants of the British Common Law, Parliamentary Process and the BNA act to protect our sovereign rights. To be sure, there has always been areas for improvement, but overall there was a feeling in the country of moving forward.

In 1960 under the leadership of John Diefenbaker, Parliament enacted the first human rights law in Canada. For certain, this federal law had serious limitations, however; it was the first step in a process, and it led the World.

In 1977, Parliament passed the Canadian Human Rights Act. This act was to protect human rights in the federal public and private sectors, and was once again limited in scope, but a step in the right direction.

To protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Canadians, in 1982 with the Constitution Act, the parliament and the first ministers of all provinces (with the exception of Quebec) modified the constitution of the country in order to enshrine these fundamental rights and freedoms forever and for all time.

The Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (The Charter) protects:

  • fundamental freedoms

  • democratic rights

  • mobility rights-

  • legal rights

  • equality rights

  • language rights

The Charter also recognizes and affirms Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.

Under the Constitution, both Parliament and the provincial legislatures have a limited power to pass laws that may violate certain Charter rights. However, this can only be done if Parliament or a Provincial Legislature specifically declare that it is passing a law notwithstanding certain provisions of the Charter.

In fact, according to my check of the Government of Canada’s own website (department of Justice) “Parliament has never used the notwithstanding clause”.

At the present time, in Canada, many of the fundamental rights guaranteed in The Charter have been suspended.

To my knowledge, to date, Parliament has not declared an emergency nor have they declared that they are invoking the “notwithstanding” clause of The Charter.

Instead, the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments have suspended The Charter rights through the passing of regulations under various existing provincial or federal statutes.

These regulations do not have the constitutional ability to suspend The Charter Rights and are therefore unconstitutional and illegal.

I remind you, that these Charter rights do not come from Parliament or from the Legislatures of the Provinces, according to The Charter:

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:”

In other words, everything that is included in The Charter follows on, from this opening and all encompassing, statement. These rights and freedoms do not come from Parliament or the Legislature they come from the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

Incredibly it is not even Parliament or the Legislatures that have suspended these God given rights. It is, in fact, the bureaucracy of the Federal and Provincial governments that have imposed these illegal rulings on the people of Canada.

What Acts of Parliament were enacted in support of these illegal restrictions?

Without actual acts of Parliament, how are the Canadian peoples rights protected?

There is no scientifically proven evidence (none at all Worldwide) that supports the efficacy of these measure to address the Covid restrictions.

There are now mountains of peer reviewed scientific papers to prove that the measures undertaken by this government are contrary to actual scientific data.

At the start of this “pandemic” some two or more years ago, if might be argued that emergency actions were required (due to the lack of knowledge); however, over two years later, this position can no longer be supported as so much more is known.

In fact, one can see on the face of it, that all of the measures taken by the Government have not had any significant affect in slowing or lessening the spread and severity of the virus.

Also, enforcing the vaccine mandates have seriously jeopardized everyone, since many frontline workers have been terminated and they are no longer working for the benefit of Canada. This is not limited to doctors and nurses, but it includes all workers who have been terminated under illegal edicts.

And yet we continue…apparently with no end in sight or even an exit strategy.

The indisputable truth is that these illegal actions on the part of our Governments have had the following affects which are impacting every aspect of life in Canada:

  • Significant increase in Suicides;

  • Significant increase in Drug Addition and Related Overdoses, Deaths and Crime;

  • Increase in Crime and Violence in the County;

  • Bankruptcy of thousands of businesses;

  • Slowed and disrupted development of our Children;

  • Deaths related to delays in treatments for common ailments;

  • Historical increase in the National Debt;

  • Supply chain shortages;

  • The list goes on…….

With regard to the overall deterioration of our institutions, Parliament itself, and the Provincial Legislatures have slowly had their powers taken away from them and concentrated in the offices of the first ministers and the bureaucracy.

Rules and regulations are passed without proper Parliamentary procedures and without the calm, measured and sober committee and Senate considerations as intended, as was the case in Canada previously.

The overall result is the passing of ill considered and, in many cases, destructive and redundant regulations that are separating, isolating and damaging Canadians.

I have never seen the depth of the divide that has seemingly been carefully cultivated in our Country over the past dozen or so years.

The Prime Minister himself has recently stated that certain sections of our public, who are standing for their rights as guaranteed in The Charter, are:

They don’t believe in science and progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space.”

This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people?”

If you are not familiar with these remarks he made them on a French language talk show called “La semaine des 4 Julie”, on September 16, 2021.

What does the Prime Minister mean when he asks “should we tolerate these people”? Words have meaning? Is he referring to removing these people from our society, how, deportations, arrests, or can one imagine even worse? Does the Canadian Government have pink stars for us to wear?

More recently, on January 26, 2022, Mr. Trudeau stated the following when referring to the peaceful and legal protests of thousands of Canadians (Trucker Convoy):

The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians.”

So, the protesters are a fringe with “unacceptable views”. Given Mr. Trudeaus previous comments, as to whether or not the country has to even tolerate these people, he is now proclaiming which views are acceptable.

Under recent Federal Legislation, this could easily be considered Hate Speech.

Where was your outrage over this and many other statements?

How did you reach out to us, your constituents, to assure us that steps were not going to be taken by the Federal Government against us, since we are intolerable to the Prime Minister?

What have you personally done to hold the Prime Minster to account?

As a Canadian citizen, what are we to do? Lawlessness in our Government Institutions; illegal actions being taken against the citizens; illegal suspensions of our Charter Freedoms and Rights; and the turning of our citizens against each other, our institutions and all of the things we have built this country on.

We have become a laughing stock as a country and irrelevant in world affairs. We can no longer lead by example, when we are violating the fundamental rights of our citizens.

Action must be taken immediately to restore The Charter Rights and the Rule of Law in Canada.

Become a voice for a return to the Rule of Law in Canada.

As a start you can initiate the process to turn our country from this path of divisive action and rhetoric by taking the following immediate actions with are within your purview to initiate:

  1. Demand for the immediate convening of Parliament;

  2. Public debate in Parliament concerning the Illegal Acts of the Government;

  3. Demand for a vote of Non-Confidence in the House of Commons;

  4. Publication of the Voting History of Each MP who either supports or opposes the Vote;

These actions only constitute a first step toward reconciling the Canadian Government with he Rule of Law.

Even if your actions are defeated, you will prove that you are on the side of The People.

There must be a political and legal reconning for this Governments’ illegal attacks on the Canadian People.

Make no mistake, many lives have been lost, many lives have been needlessly ruined as a result of these illegal and malevolent actions.

Despite the lack of a free press in Canada, and in much of the Western World, the people are beginning to wake up to what has and is going on.

Eventually the people will be demanding action, and they will be demanding both political and legal responsibility against those who have perpetrated this on them.

The people will not forget and they will not forgive, and nor should they.

There are currently significant actions before the courts, challenging all of these illegal actions. The legal challenges will succeed in law. The only question to consider is when.

You need to ask yourself:

Where you stand?

What side you are on?

You are obligated to make it known to those people you represent.

Two years of silence is far too long.

Stand with your constituents, stand with the people of Canada……Stand Up, take action.

If you are not aware of any of these things that I have spoken about, or require additional information to understand, please let me know, and I will supply whatever supporting evidence you need.

Now is the time to secure our country from this tyranny, now is the time to stand with Canadians and not against them.

I hope you, unlike our Prime Minister, attends and addresses the conceders of those Patriots who are currently on their way to Ottawa, in legal and peaceful protest.

Do not hideout like our Prime Minister. Take a Stand for the People of Canada.

Yours truly;

Ken R. Drysdale


I got a form letter from Mr. Bezan, saying how busy he was.

Mr. Bezan's response to me reminded me of one of those old WC Fields clips, you know when he says:

"Go Away Kid, You bother Me"


So....after all of that, what did Mr. Bezan do for summer vacation:

Town Hall meetings? ....Ha Ha fooled you......


So, Instead of actually answering constituents letters, with real responses, and instead of actually conducting Town Hall Meetings, for three months....what did Mr. Bezan do with his summer in the Constituency this summer:

Nope....No Town Hall Meetings Here, lots of mini donuts, rodeos, campaigning and lobsterfests!


We need serious representation this is a critical time, not only in Canadian History, but the History of the World. We are supposed to have representative Government, but instead we get a clown show of party rhetoric, and non response from these folks who we pay to do a job for us.

How can Mr. B represent us, when he does not take the time to talk to us, unless it is of course over a Lobster Dinner or a Potato Festival or some such thing....we do not need this kind of non-representation.


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Nov 20, 2022

It's time to fire him. We need to find someone that all the people can get behind and elect them to every political position in Manitoba.



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Contact Website
Nov 20, 2022

He can go ''jump in a lake''.. (after he is removed from his position).. and do his own fishing, and he sure won't find lobster



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Contact Website
Nov 20, 2022

Well written letters thank you very much Ken. As you can see a politician who is only interested in himself not for the citizens he represents.


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