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Hey I Have a Question?

Like all of you, I have been reading story after story, in fact, thousands of them detailing how this child, or that athlete or this pilot or that doctor, or this actor, or that person has suddenly collapsed and died. Interesting enough, usually these stories are accompanied by the statement "DOCTORS ARE BAFFLED". Of course these stories are terrifying, so much so that they have created a whole new lexicon of terms you never heard before... you know terms like: SADS; Myocarditis; Pericarditis; Bell's palsy; Unexplained Blood Clots; Paediatric Cardiac Arrest.... This list goes on and on. But I have noticed one Group in which no one seems to be affected....

Can you guess which group of people have not been affected by SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)? Or all of the other New Sudden and Unexpected Causes of Death?


Come on, think hard, which is the one group of people who have not been in the headlines dropping dead, and baffling scientists?

Wait for it....

If you guessed Doctors, you would be wrong! Hundreds of them have suddenly died in Canada since December 14, 2020!

If you guessed Athletes, you would be wrong!

If you guess children in the prime of life playing sports with their friends, nope, you would be wrong.

If you guess Pilots who are flying your airplane, wrong again!

If you guessed Media "Personalities", nope they are dropping on camera fairly regularly. So I guess the minions pushing the narrative are expendable.

How about police, paramedics, firefighters, and nurses....nope you are getting colder.

What about moms and dads and grandparents...nope!

Here is a link from BizNews about SADS in Athletes:


Come on you can do it. Think about it!

What is the one group that is never affected by the government edicts?

You know, who bans your gas stove, forces you to eat bugs, while they fly private jets to Davos?

Who is it that has an indexed pension plan and regular wage increases despite everyone else having to make due with less?

Who is it that is protected by people with guns, while they try to steal your hunting rifles?

The Answer:




Now maybe I have missed something, but I do not recall seeing one news article about an MP, MLA , Senator, or any other politician suddenly dropping dead on the floor of the House of Commons or any other place for that matter.

Not one, not even in the World.

How is this possible.

There has to be tens of thousands of them in Canada alone!

If you have seen reports of politicians suffering from "Unexplained" deaths, I would like to know about that. But for now, I have not seen any.

We see reporters keeling over on camera, and performers dropping on stage...but no Politicians.

Now I am not suggesting that there is anything nefarious going on here🤨 BUT, I am wondering why no one is asking this question.

Maybe, it is because unlike most of the other folks suffering from Sudden and Unexplained Death that Politicians are the one group that sit all day, spend other people's money and do not actually physically exert themselves, unless of course they are ordering their goons in uniform to break up and repress legal and lawful citizen gatherings. That could be pretty strenuous I guess.

Hey I just realized that other elites are not suddenly and inexplicable dying... unless you count Jeffrey Epstein that is. I digress!

Or of course huffing and puffing in parliament may be strenuous...but I doubt it.

Or maybe it is something else? Who Knows, certainly not me!

Funny how the ones forcing the mandates on everyone else seem not to be affected.


So What do You think?

Let me know in the Comments or you can always email me.


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21 gen 2023 here’s the link to the Indian public health official. My mistake, it wasn’t an elected politician.

Mi piace

21 gen 2023

An American politician’s daughter died in her sleep a short while back. Turns out it was cardiac arrest. (See link below). I also remember hearing another politician in the U.S saying he was diagnosed with heart problems after his jab (couldn’t find the reference). At the beginning of 2021 I heard of an Indian politician publicly taking a jab to prove their safety, but he apparently died, too. Again, can’t find the reference any more.

Unlike some of the earlier comments which seem to imply politicians are all knowingly pretending to take jabs, i don’t believe ALL politicians are in on some plot. I have an acquaintance who is an MLA in Winnipeg and he and his family legitimately believ…

Mi piace

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20 gen 2023

Actually there was 1 MLA in north central Alberta. He is also a pilot. Shane Clayton Getson


Mi piace

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20 gen 2023

Another group who are Defiantly not dropping or getting serious effects are the true Heroes ! The Unvaccinated !!


Mi piace

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20 gen 2023

The govts and elites


Mi piace
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