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Just In Case You Are Wondering! FULL TRANSPARENCY

I have always said that I would not sell you anything.

Over the course of planning and organizing the gathering on September 3, 2022, I was faced with a conundrum.

I wrote this to the end, so please read it to the end!🤨 and Share!

Many folks did not know where or how to get their white TRUTH T-Shirts, and time was running out to order them. ALSO just last Friday, someone pointed out to me that Staples was charging anywhere from $45 to $65 each to print the Investigative Reports.

Some folks have been making their own T-Shirts, and some folks have also been printing their own copies of the report at home.

But, I was getting many emails from people who could not get their own items or could not afford to spend the kind of money it was costing to purchase them "one off".

So....I stepped up and out of my own pocket I purchased 100 T-shirts and 100 printed copies of the report, and I made these available to anyone who wanted them.

On Facebook this morning, someone posted on my timeline, in response to my latest blog item in which I provided the agenda for the September 3, 2022 Gathering at the RCMP.


In that post, I had the following section:

I do not have many T-Shirts Left (Mens Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL) $ 15.00 ea.
I have printed and bound 100 copies of the full report, in colour $12.00 ea.
Look for our Lime Green Jeep at the event to pick yours up. First Come!
Bring your own white T or your own copy of the report!


This person on Facebook wanted to know:

Where does the t-shirt money go?

One of the reasons, I do not sell subscriptions or take donations, is because I do not want to be accused of being in this for the money.

So I answered the person who asked the question directly, and below is a copy of the screen shot of their question and my answers:


I have always tried to avoid any hint that I am only in this for the money, that is why I have always said that I take no donations and subscriptions are free, and I would not sell you anything.

At the request of many of you, I stepped up and out of my own pocket purchased T Shirts and printed Reports.

In order to avoid any questions concerning our motives, both Rosalie and I considered simply giving them away, and frankly we have given many away for free, but we just could not afford to give them all away for free and absorb all the cost on our own.

You know one thing I forgot to mention is that we have actually been giving many of these away for free to folks who simply could not afford to purchase them, so I guess I have lost a little more out of pocket on this, that may not be entirely true though since some folks have simply not taken change back on their purchase!


Please everyone do not misunderstand this post, I am not whining or begging for money!

The sole purpose of this post is to defend my motives and my reputation!


I am simply being fully transparent, so that I cannot be accused of profiteering on this!

I hope you all understand that I am doing this out of a labour of love for our country, for my children and for my grandchildren, as well as yours.


Thank you everyone, and god bless you all, and god bless our beloved Canada!

I will see you on September 3, 2022, 1091 Portage Avenue, at 1:00 pm

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2 comentários

Adam Klassen
Adam Klassen
01 de set. de 2022

Thanks for all that you are doing Ken. Never questioned your motives for a second.


Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic
01 de set. de 2022

Dear Ken and Rosalie,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had to defend your honor and honesty in addition to everything else. What next?

Blessings to you and your loved ones.


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