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You will not believe this! We are so close to solving the mystery about our hardworking but missing, lobster loving, Interlake Member of Parliament.

We have looked high and low to find Mr. James Bezan, you know he is supposedly the Member of Parliament for Selkirk - Interlake - Eastman......Did you Know That?

Have you seen Waldo....sorry I mean Mr. B.

Have you seen him???? Lundar Lobster Fest aside, none of us peasants have been so fortunate to have had an audience with our intrepid lobster loving MP.

But we have been looking high and low. We have phoned, emailed, mailed like many many of the constituents of our Federal Riding.....but none of us have been able to find our friend, of course that does not include lobster eating in Lundar.

But imagine our shock and surprise when, last week, we received another expensive mail out from Mr. Bezan...see blow:

Hey, just asking for a friend, but I wonder who paid for that mail out!

By reading this mail out we were so surprised to learn that Mr. B is not lost at all, you see he has been extremely busy working "FOR YOU", in who knew. I am so happy to know that all this time, when none of the citizens we have talked to, knew where he was, it turns out he was working for us all this

But wait, turns out there is more to this story. Did you see it? Come on, you must have seen it, I did. Look way at the bottom, Mr. B says:

With Parliament recessed for the summer, I plan to spend the next several months in our community meeting with constituents, and finding real solutions to the inflation crisis.

So, it is nice to know that Mr. B is going to meet with us....but wait....has he announced any meetings with us the citizens of Selkirk Interlake Eastman. Has he responded to any of the letters, calls and emails from any of the people he is working for.

Oh and by the way, just since you might not know this, Parliament has recessed for ....3 months...yup, while the World and Canada is burning around us, our leaders are on recess for 3 months. Hey I was just wondering, did you get a 3 months paid holiday this year???

Friends of ours have called his office and left messages asking when these meetings are taking place.

When do you think our friends will get a call back?? We should do a lottery!🤣. I bet never!

Hey....I call on anyone out there to let me know where the community meetings are being held where Mr. B is meeting with...... you know us little people.

Do you think he can fit us in over the next 3 months.

Oh yeah, I am so happy he is working to find solutions to the "inflation" problem, you know the one that Ottawa has created, with reckless spending, taxes, and killing of our energy industry.

What about the lockdowns, and mandates, what about an investigation into criminal allegations related to the C19 response........oh none of that you bad bad people, ........why would you think the fact that all of your pesky Charter Rights and Freedoms were so easily tossed aside, while Grandma died alone and in fear in some quasi asylum, while you were locked out, so you could not comfort her or say goodbye. All on what is alleged to be a fraudulent narrative. Why do you think Mr. B would think twice about that, his mail out did not mention any of that......too controversial I guess.

No, No Mr. B knows he can lick the artificially induced inflation though, just by talking to the little people...must be at some Lobsterfest somewhere, you know somewhere we cannot afford to go because of the inflation.

So here's the thing, if any of you have any official schedule of meetings that Mr. B is holding with us constituents, please let us know where and when these meetings are taking place, after all we would sure like to help Mr. B in solving these problems he is focused on.

Just press the button below and we will pass on the information to everyone.

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