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Oh My Goodness, You Will All Be So Relieved!!

We had previously written in our March 21, 2022 post that the intrepid MP for Selkirk Interlake Riding had gone missing and no one seemed to have seen hide nor hair from Mr. Bezan.

If you recall, many citizens and residents of Mr. Bezan's riding had been writing him and emailing him with their concerns about the Covid 19 response. Of course none of the people we know, including the author got any response from Mr. Bezan, with the exception of his pre-written robo email, telling us about how busy he was!


Here is a link to our original post:

We sure hoped he was not working too hard, after all, addressing the real concerns of the people he is supposed to represent just takes second or third place to all of his more important and meaningful duties.

But alas, apart from Mr. Bezan travelling to Manitoba to do an Intro for Mr. PP, and his incredibly expensive mail out concerning Trudeau inflation, none of us "little" people could seem to find or communicate with him, after all he is a big important federal politician and we are just the servant class anyway.

What, ....... you do not remember the infamous mail out. You know the full colour folding brochure Mr. B mailed out to constituents about Trudeau's Inflation at the very time police and mercenaries were crushing the peaceful protest of the truckers in Ottawa!

And I know many of your were concerned about what might have happened to Mr. B.

Well rest easy now citizens of Selkirk Interlake......Mr. Bezan has been spotted, and appears to be safe, although likely stained with a little butter.

Yes, you heard it here, while attending the annual Lundar Manitoba Lobster Fest, one of our subscribers told us that he sat at a table across from our illustrious MP Mr. Bezan. While slurping the sumptuous Lobster, Mr. Bezan was heard boasting that this was the third lobster fest he had attended in the past month!

Well imagine our relief, that while our country is in an unprecedented crisis from coast to coast, that we found out that our Member of Parliament is safe and undertaking the harrowing task of enjoying three lobster fest dinners, while his constituents (you know the people who pay his salary) are having trouble paying for groceries and gasoline.

No wonder Mr. B has not got time to answer the heartbreaking concerns of his constituents, when there is lobster to be had!

Hey I just got an idea!!!!

What if, us folks, you know the ones like us who cannot afford to eat lobster, (because you know the price of gas and the loss of employment), maybe we could get grandma out and have her "pick bottles" on the side of the road, so that we can make enough money to have our own Lobster Fest, maybe if we invite Mr. Bezan to our Lobster Fest, he would ingratiate us with his presence. And maybe between slurps with us he might answer a few of our questions.

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1 comentario

03 ago 2022

A subscriber comment:

Did we file a missing person alert or amber alert?

Again 20-50 handwritten by constituents and mailed to him.

daily phone calls expressing concerns and pleased is out and about enjoying lobster while families struggle to put food on the table


Me gusta
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